Treatments & Prices


Sports therapy/Sports massage
- £40 for 90 minutes
- £35 for 60 minutes
- £30 for 45 minutes

Sports massage bundle - 3 x 60 minute massages = £90
(paid up front)

Personal training
- £25 for 60 minutes
- £20 for 45 minutes

Personal training bundle - 5 sessions for price of 4 = £100
(paid up front)

Other services
Strapping and taping - £5
Electrotherapy session - £10 

Sport & remedial massage

Popular treatment for soft tissues. Pre-event, inter-event and post/treatment massage options. Deep tissue therapeutic massage that aims to break down muscle adhesions and knots. Sports massage can be for anyone and not just sportsmen/women. Used for diagnosis of tissue differences/injuries. Used to maintain body function.  Advanced sports massage techniques are used to lengthen soft tissue and restore elasticity/contractibility/excitability and extensibility of muscles and soft tissue. Can be used to break down scar tissue following injury and restore muscle following injury. Reduces anxiety and improves relaxation, increased blood circulation and tissue permeability.

Injury rehabilitation and diagnosis

Clinical diagnosis and treatment of all injuries. Treatment and rehabilitation plans included for strengthening and enhancing recovery. Injury specific rehabilitation, personalised to demands of the client and the ability to attend sessions or complete home exercise. Sports specific rehabilitation offered also.


Peripheral and vertebral mobilisations utilised in injury rehab and treatment for injuries to joints or vertebrae. Using the Maitland and Mulligan concepts. Aims to reduce pain and improved range of movement.


Therapeutic ultrasound offered for the promotion of tissue healing following injury.    

Personal  training/nutritional advice      

Personal training sessions offered on a one to one basis, options for 2 paying clients at once if required. Aimed to focus on your specific fitness goals and including weekly plans to help reach your goals and aims. Boxercise qualified, spin qualified also. Nutritional advice offered to assist in achievement of goals.    
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